• Salad Zouba (v)€3.90

    Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, tossed with lemon & olive oil

  • Pil Pil Houmous (v)€3.45

    Our special houmous with PIL PIL magic; enjoy with crispy pita bread

  • Casper Salad (v)(g)€4.20

    Mozzarella cheese, plum tomato, petit salad leaves and PIL PIL pesto dressing

  • BBQ Chicken Wings€4.60

    Served with salad

  • Red Pepper Dip (v)(g)€3.50

    Roasted red pepper & cheese dip with pitta bread

  • Soup of the Day€3.95

    Served with bread

  • Tom Yum Chicken Soup€4.50

    Served with bread

  • Thai Fish Cakes€4.90

    Served with sweet chilli mayo and salad

  • Duck Spring Roll€4.90

    served with soya and sweet chilli sauce and salad

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