Our Food

We offer a tantalizing selection of grilled, fresh, healthy Portuguese cuisine.

Our food is marinaded in a delicious selection of spices including our signature flavour, a southern African and Portuguese blend of herbs and spices, sure to leave you wanting more!

All our flavours and dishes have been created by our experienced and hugely talented chef's ensuring our food is second to none when it comes to taste! Why listen to my descriptions about it, come try it out for yourself and spice up your life!

    Our Spices

    Choose from one of our tantalizing flavours!
    All of our spices are available in Mild-Med-Hot-Extra Hot


    Our signature flavour, a Southern African and Portuguese blend of herbs and spices available in 4 flavours of varying heat.

  • Lebanese

    Made with authentic Middle Eastern spices full of aromatic flavour.

  • Mexican

    A colourful mix of Tex Mex spices which is medium-hot in flavour.

  • Garlic Chilli/Lemon Chilli

    Our unique blend of herbs and spices inspired by flavours from India and Pakistan.

  • Mango PIL PIL

    Our signature flavour shared with sweet and sour lovers. Blended with a hint of Mango, Lemon and Rooster PIL PIL flavours.

  • BBQ Sauce

    A delicious BBQ sauce full of flavour sure to delight the taste buds.